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Choose a babysitter from our trusted network and find out more about them from their video profile. Book and pay directly through the app or you can pay in cash if you prefer

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Connect with your friends via the app and build up a trusted network

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BBsitters, apply for advertised babysitting jobs!

Set your price, check BBsitting requests and choose the ones that interest you. Be proactive, earn star ratings and by doing so you will be more likely to be selected for BBsittings!

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Accessible to everyone

It 's your choice! Whether you are a parent or a BBsitter, decide on a profile that suits you. Make sure you fill out the rating system at the end of each BBsitting to ensure you build up a trusted network.

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« BBsitter App, a trusted network of sitters and parents at your fingertips with one click »


« A network of trust is the pillars of this app »


« To allow you time as a couple and also help with the organisation of family childcare »


Who are we ?

Cousins, Amalia and Sophie are two busy, young, mothers in their 30’s living in Paris and London respectively.

Having spent ten years working in the art world and developing online platforms in Paris, London and New York, Amalia understand the difficuties that parents face as they balance work and home. As a natural entrepreneur who is always looking to develop new projects, she began thinking of ways that access to reliable, safe childcare could be improved and the idea for BBsitterApp was born. A perfectionist, Amalia divides her time between her two children while continually developing BBsitterApp to ensure that it is as innovative, easy to use, beautiful, and as bug free as it can be!

Sophie, a lawyer, is the London arm of BBsitterApp and knows the London BBsitting market extremely well. She combines her demanding career while taking care of three young children. As a busy mother, trying to strike an ideal work/life balance, the idea of being able to access childcare quickly, easily and from a trusted network, built up of friends and recommended BBsitters, immediately appealed and she joined Amalia to work together.

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